5 Topics of New Solutions of the Cryotec method

1. Highest Vitrification Ability
    ・Optimal high viscosity to form the best vitrification during cooling, storage and warming.
2. Non Serum, Non SSS contained
    ・No risks from serum derived virus contamination, most safety solution.
3. Stable solution (Chemical defined solution)
    ・Stable for >1 year ( at 4 – 8 °C), for >3 months at room temperature.
4. Endotoxin free Trehalose is used instead of sucrose.
    ・Sucrose has a non-avoidable problem of endotoxin.
5. Easy handling for embryologists
    ・Same protocol for oocyte, 4-cell embryo and blastocyst.
    ・Easy washing in VS/ and no sticked oocytes/embryos to cryovial during warming.

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Topics of the New Plate of the Cryotec method


1. No blind space in wells.
    ・Never lose the embryos during washing.
2. Fit and easy handling for required volume of each solution (ES and VS).
3. Easy placing of embryos on Cryovial with minimum volume VS.
    ・Cryovial holder in each Vitri-plate, same focus of washing and placing.

1. Warm well included in 1 dilution plate.
・Easy & successful ultra-rapid warming: No failure of warming (devitrification).
2. Compact and no blind space in wells.
・Never lose the embryos during warming and dilution.

Topics of the New Cryocontainer “Cryotec”

1- Compact open system container by monobloc casting.
    •Stable and safety container.
2- Safety material and for ECO
    •Most safety well known materials PET.
3- Long and wide handle
    •Easy handling/enough space of labeling information of embryos.
4- Large mark of CRYO TEC
    •Easy to recognize the right face of the container.

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